Higher education in the USA

Leading the way

The higher education system in the USA is world-class. A degree earned in the USA is recognized around the world and many international students travel here to benefit from the expert teaching, excellent facilities, and exciting student life.

How do universities in the USA teach?

The structure of each program varies depending on the subject area, but you will experience several styles of learning during your studies in the US. These include class lectures, study groups, and self-initiated study to work towards a project. Projects and assessments are also subject-specific but you can expect written assignments, presentations and more practical projects, like laboratory work or a performance.

International students in the USA

International students coming to study in the USA will be welcomed into their new communities. There are many other students from other countries, maybe even some from the same country as you, as well as US students all looking to make friends as they start their higher education journey.

Activities, sports and cultural events are organized throughout the college year so you can meet people with similar interests. In your classes, you will be surrounded by others with new ideas who will inspire you and you will inspire them in return as you work through your courses together.

The best in the world

USA education ranks #1 in the world.

Universitas 21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems 2017

Number 1

The USA takes the top spot for higher education strength.

QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2018

How does Lipscomb compare?

A student studies in the sunshine between classes

Lipscomb is a highly ranked Christian university offering degrees respected around the world.