Study in the USA

Put your faith in new experiences

Choosing to study abroad in the USA might seem like a big decision and even a little scary. Lipscomb University International Study Center is a friendly and welcoming place where you can access all the benefits of studying in the the USA while surrounded by new friends who share your values.

Why study in the USA?

Studying in the USA means you’ll be a student in an education system respected around the world and have access to excellent learning facilities. When you graduate your degree will be recognized wherever you end up working because of the prestige attached to education in the USA. You’ll improve your English language skills by being immersed in American culture and by meeting new people.

You’ll try new things, whether that’s a class, an activity or social event, and you’ll grow more independent by being away from home.

Your study abroad experience will help shape you into the person you want to be and help you achieve your goals. It’s the beginning of your adult life.

Life in Tennessee

Students walk toward the Engineering building on Lipscomb University campus

A new experience is waiting. Find out what to expect.

USA education

Smiling students watching a show at Lipscomb University

You could be part of the number 1 education system in the world.