Study documents

Which university documents should you include?

The documents you send after submitting your application form are the most important part of your application to Lipscomb. They demonstrate your eligibility for the International Year and that you’re capable of progressing to a respected degree at the university.

What to include:

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of your English language proficiency*
  • Passport
  • Certified copy of high school graduation certificate (if available at time of application)
  • Full transcripts of all your relevant academic qualifications:
    • Certified copies of your secondary education transcripts showing the final 3 or 4 years (including 9th grade)
    • A school's seal or principal's signature must appear on the copy
    • Certified, sealed originals are required upon arrival at the University, unless official hard copies are requested during the application process
    • Anything else that will support your application (sports, clubs, hobbies, achievements, etc).

* It is free to take the Password English language test, but you must take it at a Study Group or a representative's office. Contact us to find out more.

Already in the USA?

Please also provide:

  • I-20 transfer-in form
  • Copy of your I-94 and visa
  • Copy of visas and I-94 for dependents (spouse and/or children with you in the US)


All original documents that are not written in English must be accompanied by an official English translation. Your translation needs to be certified by a translation agency.

Sending your documents

Send all documents electronically, unless we ask otherwise.

There are two ways to send your documents:

  • Email your documents as PDF or .jpg attachments to the address provided on the application form submission page OR
  • Use our secure upload link – you’ll receive this by email when you submit your application form.

We may request certified original documents to be sent to our postal address:

Lipscomb University Office of Admissions

One University Park Drive,

TN 37204

Please do not mail your documents unless we ask you to.

Applying for a USA student visa

Once you have been admitted to a program and paid your deposit, Lipscomb University will issue an I-20 from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). With the I-20, you can apply for a visa to study in the USA.

Contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate in your country to find out the USA study visa requirements and how to apply. You may need an appointment.

Compare your grades

Understand your grades in US terms with World Education Services.