Community and values

Grounded by our faith

Our faith binds us as a community, builds us stronger, and makes us one of the top ranked Christian universities in the USA.

Religion is part of daily life, and you can take part in group worship, teachings and discussions. With 35 religious preferences on campus representing more than 50 countries and almost every U.S. state, Lipscomb helps you to explore your beliefs, deepen your faith and understand others.

Strength as a community

We will give you time to explore and deepen your faith. Inspiration from your peers and course leaders will help you to find direction, gain strength in your beliefs and lead a gracious faith-based life.

At Lipscomb, you’ll never feel lonely. United by our values, our strong community helps to make us who we are. Regular events remind us of this, whether we’re cheering on a Bisons sports team, or coming together in worship.

How we learn with faith

  • Bible class
  • Christian teachers
  • Mentoring
  • Theology degree program
  • Chapel meetings
  • On-campus ministry
  • Residence hall faith activities

Regional recognition

Ranked #2 Best Christian Colleges and Universities in the South Christian Universities Online 2017.

Highly ranked

Ranked 6th in the Nation by Christian Universities Online 2017.

Get involved

Lipscomb students celebrate at a sports event

Life on campus is fun, full of activities and new people to meet. Join in to make the most of university life.

What Lipscomb students say

When I look at my faith and how it will play out in my career, I think it's a big thing that I need to include. I will include the moral aspects of it and how it helps me to be a better person. My faith also helps with my wellbeing.

My favourite thing so far at Lipscomb is chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sitting down in chapel with all your friends, just for an hour, and listening to different speakers and different people is a time to sit back, breathe and not worry about classes or studying.  It’s a moment to relax with friends. 

Alex from Jamaica

B.S. Exercise Science