Why choose university preparation?

Reasons to study abroad with us

The International Study Center

With it's own separate space, the International Study Center is a place where international students can settle in to university life and start to learn about their new home and way of studying.

We support each other

Our caring staff understands what it’s like to start your overseas study experience. We’ll help you settle in, make new friends and introduce you to exciting opportunities. Living on campus, you’ll be included in university life, with access to campus facilities, free events and numerous student groups.

Improve your English language skills

If your IELTS score is lower than the university entry level, you can work to improve your skills alongside others who are also learning the language. Being on campus and surrounded by American students, shop signs and road signposts all in English will aid you as you enhance your vocabulary and familiarity with English.

Make sure you’re all at the same starting point

Each country has its own high school curriculum, so even if you and your international friends and American students have all studied the same subject, you may have covered different aspects of the field. By studying at the International Study Center before going to the University, you’ll find out what these differences are and make sure you know all the same entry-level information that will help you excel in your degree.

Prepare for your degree

Computer Science student writes equations on a whiteboard

A mix of academic and English language courses designed to support you as you settle in to studying in the USA.