Study opportunities with Lipscomb

Preparing for university

At Lipscomb, your journey as an international student begins at the International Study Center. Based on campus, you’ll study alongside other students who share your faith.

Our specialist programs and nurturing environment give a soft introduction to university life. Created especially for international students, our courses allow you to pursue your academic and professional goals. We will give you the best possible start at Lipscomb and put you on the path to long-term success.

You will also study English language to improve your skills and confidence needed to successfully complete your degree.

You will live on campus and be part of the University from your first day, with access to facilities, student organizations and events. We will ensure that you have all the support you need to transition smoothly to your chosen degree, and continue to support you while you work to achieve your goals.

Programs are provided by Study Group in collaboration with Lipscomb University. Our courses are designed to help you meet the academic and English language requirements of your degree. Once you successfully complete your program at the International Study Center and achieve the required grades, you can progress.

Why the International Study Center?

Students sit together on campus at Lipscomb University in Nashville

There are many reasons to study abroad, and studying at Lipscomb is even more special. Here are a few reasons why.

Campus life

Lipscomb students celebrate at a sports event

Our campus in Nashville is safe, fun and always has a wide range of activities going on that you can join.


Students shopping for food together

Live on campus with other students and get involved in being part of the community at Lipscomb.


Students browse stalls at a Lipscomb University careers fair

Start planning for your future with our career development and opportunities to grow, both academically and personally.